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Tag: Blanc

Meet Gouais Blanc, the Mother of Beloved Varietals

In 1999, Bill Chambers, a fifth-generation Australian winemaker, was about to rip out the century-old vines of an obscure grape

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The Best Chenin Blanc to Buy Right Now

Chenin Blanc is one of—if not the—most versatile wine grapes on the planet. It is produced all over the globe,

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Culture: In Europe’s Highest Vineyards, the Little-Known Prié Blanc Grape Takes Flight

“Wind makes different grapes, and different grapes make different wine,” Ermes Pavese says. Where most winemakers might lead with soil,

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3 Styles of Loire Valley Chenin Blanc Everyone Can Appreciate

Chenin Blanc is a chameleon. Dry, sweet or sparkling, it excels in all three styles. And there are three distinct

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