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Tag: Brandy

Brandy Alexander Recipe | Wine Enthusiast

The brandy Alexander is one of those classic cocktails that everyone seems to know about, but few have actually consumed.

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Culture: Why Is Wisconsin So Obsessed With Brandy?

It may surprise some to learn that the Badger State consumes more brandy than anywhere else in the United States.

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Culture: Why Spanish Brandy Needs a Rebrand

There are many garish bottles on liquor store shelves, but none do more peacocking than Brandy de Jerez. Surely, you’ve

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Culture: There’s Something Fishy About This Smoked Trout-Flavored Brandy

Although we’re serious about spirits, not every bottle is meant to be taken super-seriously. With that in mind, here’s the

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American Brandy Producers Get Creative

Once a year, Baltimore Spirits takes an attention-grabbing approach to dispatching an abundance of Maryland apples into apple brandy. Inspired

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