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Tag: Christmas

Recipes: A Mojito, at Christmas? This Coconut-Spiked Version Is a Tropical Holiday Hit

When it comes to Christmas-adjacent beverages, one perhaps imagines egg nog and its many variations, velvety Tom and Jerry cocktails

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Recipes: The Sweet-Tart Mistletoe Margarita Is a New Christmas Classic

The mistletoe margarita has been making the internet rounds for a handful of years now. As far back as 2017,

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Recipes: Have a Blue Christmas with the Jack Frost Cocktail

When a cocktail goes viral on social media, it’s often thanks to an undeniable visual appeal. Case in point, the

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The Grinch Cocktail That Stole Christmas 

Move over, Negroni Sbagliato. Another viral cocktail is coming home for the holidays. TikTok creators are racking up the likes

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