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Tag: Mezcal

The Best Mezcal to Drink Right Now

Mezcal’s popularity has been blowing up over the past decade or so. The Mexican spirit, which can be made with

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Culture: Turkey-Infused Booze? Pechuga Mezcal Is Coming to Thanksgiving

Traditionally, we’ve thought of things like hard cider and Beaujolais as Thanksgiving-appropriate beverages. Now, pechuga mezcal—that is, mezcal made with

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Culture: Cocktails, Mezcal and Pulque: 5 Glasses in Mexico City

It’s a good day to drink in Mexico City. On the influential 50 Best Bars list’s North American edition for

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Culture: The Drink of the Summer Might Just Be a Mezcal Cocktail

Every year around this time, when the temperature heats up, speculation around what might be “the drink of the summer”

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Indigenous Women Working in Mezcal

When you think of Oaxaca, Mexico, you probably think about warm weather, gorgeous beaches, thriving culinary history and the center

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