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Tag: Spirit

Basics: The Anise-Flavored Allure of Mastiha, Greece’s Prized Resin Spirit

Anise-based spirits can be polarizing—you either love or hate offerings like sambuca, pastis and absinthe. Greeks, however, are firmly in

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The Hottest New Spirit in Italy Is Also the Oldest

Gin might be the hottest new spirit in Italy, but it’s also the hottest old spirit. Like really old. As

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These Whiskey Advent Calendars Give ‘Holiday Spirit’ New Meaning

It started with candies and chocolate. Then came wine Advent calendars and beer Advent calendars. Now these fun Christmas-countdown products

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Ouzo 101: An Introduction to Greece’s Celebratory Spirit

Although it has existed for centuries, ouzo reigns as one of the most enigmatic spirits. Blame it on the movies:

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