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Tag: White

What, Exactly, Is a Dry White Wine?

On paper, the definition of a ‘dry wine’ is simple: a wine that offers no residual sugar or perceptible sweetness.

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The Best White Rums | Wine Enthusiast

Crisp white rums—sometimes called silver rums or light rums—are the go-to pick for many beloved cocktails, such as the Daiquiri

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How to Make a White Negroni

The thing about “new classics” is that they hardly receive the reverence of a real classic. The Negroni cocktail dates

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Basics: Italy’s Best White Wines: 12 Essential Grapes to Know

For all the time people spend dreaming about luxuriating under the Tuscan sun, spritz in hand, or cruising around the

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Ratings: The Best White Wines for Sangria

For many, the word “sangria” likely conjures images of red wine swimming with jewel-like cut fruit, and certainly, the internet

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In Southernmost South America, Cool-Climate White Wines Reach New Heights

The southernmost regions of Chile and Argentina have low temperatures, heavy rainfall, strong winds and frost. And yet, in these

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