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Celebrate the Sweetest Day of the Year with These Cocktails

Celebrate the Sweetest Day of the Year with These Cocktails

Sparkling wine cocktails are perfect for all types of gatherings and celebrations, from casual brunches to all-out soirees. But when you are ready to go beyond typical bubbles and desire something a little sweeter but just as fancy, indulge in Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Brachetto d’Acqui.

Perfect for celebrating the Sweetest Day of the Year, these uniquely Italian wines from the Piedmont region will open a new world of luscious, sweet, and vibrant variations to your favorite libations. The Sparkling Red greets you with aromas and flavors of crushed strawberries and rose petals, adding depth and freshness to your mixed drinks. Perfect for elevating your traditional cocktail recipes.

Legend has it that these unique wines were presented to Cleopatra by Julius Caesar and Marc Antony and that she, in turn, made her lovers indulge in this luscious liquid. The stunning bottle and lower-alcohol level (7%) make it just as gift worthy today as it was back then. Ready to impress your guests and transform your sparkling wine cocktail lineup with a wine even the ancients couldn’t resist? These wines are delicious on their own, but why not find your inner mixologist and discover the versatility of Rosa Regale Sparkling Red.

We’ve gathered a few delectable yet easy drinks for you to get your Sweetest Day of the Year celebration underway:

Regale Fashioned

The quintessential cocktail that every host should know how to make, the Old Fashioned is just begging for a newfangled lift. Substituting Rosa Regale Sparkling Red wine for simple syrup and adding Luxardo cherry juice adds effervescence and vibrancy.

Tip: Make sure the Rosa Regale Sparkling Red wine is well chilled.

Get the full recipe here

Botanical Bliss

Another classic, the gin and tonic, gets a rosy refresh courtesy of Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Wine and Monin Rose syrup. Rose petal aromas and strawberry flavors complement the juniper of the gin, while the elderflower tonic complete this cocktail: a heavenly balance of sweetness and botanicals.

Get the full recipe here

Island Departure

A drink that evokes an Italian sunset, this cocktail is your island of Capri vacation in a glass. Orange liqueur, hibiscus syrup, and coconut water topped with Rosa Regale Sparkling Red create a deliciously balanced and colorful drink that is both sweet and tart.

Get the full recipe here

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