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Ratings: The Best Gins of 2023

Ratings: The Best Gins of 2023

Gin is one of the most versatile spirits in existence. It can be distilled from a wide range of agricultural products, from common grains like wheat and barley to potatoes, grapes, sugarcane and more. Each imparts subtle differences in texture and flavor to the final product.

Then there are the botanicals that add even more dimension. Juniper—the only one that’s required—gives gin its signature pine-like aroma. But the berries also pair well with other flavors and ingredients, from coriander and cardamom to all kinds of citrus, including fragrant bergamot. The dizzying array of potential aromas translates to incredible diversity in the gin category, meaning the spirit is well-suited for a huge range of cocktail recipes. Of course, that variety can make it difficult to pick and choose one to buy.

Don’t fret: We’ve got you covered. The gins that made this year’s Enthusiast 100: The Best Spirits of 2023 reflect that variation. There are classic London Dry and Old Tom gins, multiple citrus-infused options as well as terroir-focused versions that draw on ingredients that hail from California’s Mojave desert to the African continent. The mix mirrors not this year’s top-scoring and prestigious bottles, but those that inspired our taster’s imagination and sense of adventure.

Here are the top gins of 2023.

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Best Citrus Gin

Best London Dry Gin

Chemist American Gin

Expect a classic London Dry profile, plus a bit of savory edge. A whiff of dried coriander leads into a palate showing pine and savory spice, finishing brisk and mouthwatering with a lemon-peel hint. 94 Points  — K.N.

Best Organic Gin

Best Terroir-Driven Gin

Best Irish Gin

Garnish Island Gin

Named for County Cork’s Garnish Island, this gin opens with bold mint and licorice aromas. The palate offers anise, ginger and rosemary, drying to a pleasantly spiced and mouthwatering finish drifting gently away. 93 Points  — K.N.

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Best Bergamot Gin

Kapriol Lemon & Bergamot Gin

The vegetal aroma hints at celery and star anise. Meanwhile, the palate is relatively mild. Touches of grapefruit peel and white pepper lead into the clean finish. Overall, this gin provides a neutral backdrop for whatever drink comes its way. 89 Points  — K.N.

$ Varies

Best Budget Gin

Best Old Tom Gin

Ransom Old Tom Gin The Geezer

An extra-aged version of Ransom’s original Old Tom gin means an amber hue and complex allspice and vanilla aromas. The palate melds maple, orange peel and oak, plus a hint of cayenne into the finish. Sip with ice or mix into a very special Martinez. 93 Points  — K.N.

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Best African Gin

Bayab Gin

Pleasant dried spice aromas include nutmeg, cardamom and coriander. The palate echoes the spice notes, leading into a mild fruity note, suggesting kumquat and a citrusy finish. (Africa’s subtly tangy baobab fruit is a key botanical.) Enjoy topped up with tonic water. 92 Points  — K.N.

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