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Tag: Drinks

An A.I. Chatbot Wrote This Drinks Review

Like everyone else, I’m a little obsessed with the arrival of artificial intelligence bots—also known as A.I. chatbots—but specifically ChatGPT,

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The Best Ways to Use Anise Spirits, According to Drinks Pros

There’s a long list of flavors that people seem to either love or hate. Along with cilantro and blue cheese,

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New Year’s Eve Drinks Picks

No matter where in the world you are come midnight on December 31st, plenty among us will be raising a

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What the CO2 Shortage Means for Beer, Hard Seltzer and Other Drinks

Over the summer of 2022, Night Shift, a large Massachusetts brewery, shocked drinkers and the larger craft beer industry when

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The 8 Best Frozen Margarita Machines for At-Home Drinks

There’s no better way to get through sweltering heat than with a strong, salty/sweet frozen margarita. Advances in at-home margarita

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