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Tag: Grape

Culture: In Europe’s Highest Vineyards, the Little-Known Prié Blanc Grape Takes Flight

“Wind makes different grapes, and different grapes make different wine,” Ermes Pavese says. Where most winemakers might lead with soil,

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Culture: The Latest Wine-Beer Hybrid? Italian Grape Ale

Innovation has been a hallmark of beer since its inception. Over a millennium, fermented grain water has benefited from spice

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Argentina Had One of Its Smallest Grape Harvests in Its History—Here’s What That Means 

Argentina’s grape harvest might be at a record-setting low this year. The country’s National Institute of Viticulture estimates a 21%

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Amid Smoke and Climate Change, Napa Embraces an Imperfect Red Grape

Petit Verdot is an important and late-ripening variety in both Bordeaux and the Napa Valley, mostly used as a blending

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The Challenges and Benefits of Marketing Wine Regions Without a Signature Grape

“The message for the American public has to be very simple,” says Veronika Wills, whose father is a winemaker at

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