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Tag: Industry

Culture: After the Flood: Emilia-Romagna’s Wine Industry Struggles to Recover

In mid-May, two unprecedented storms dumped seven months’ worth of rain over Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region in under 72 hours, causing

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Culture: As Australia Takes Steps Toward Reparations to Indigenous Communities, So Does the Wine Industry

This year could be historic for Australia. Sometime between September and December, Australians will vote on a referendum that could amend the

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Culture: Frustrated by Traditional Rules, Modern French Winemakers Are Redefining the Industry

With several prestigious regions, France is iconic in the world of wine. Some might even argue that French wines set

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Culture: The Best Virginia Wineries to Visit Right Now, According to Industry Insiders

With more than 300 wineries scattered across eight distinct AVAs, Virginia has plenty to offer oenophiles. The self-proclaimed birthplace of

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Meet the Mother-Daughter Duos Shaking Up the Spirits Industry

No matter how elevated a woman’s position is—senator, CEO, chief justice, etc.—to her children, she’s just “Mom.” She may be

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Armenian Women in Wine Are Shaking Up a Once Male-Dominated Industry

In the last 15 years, many Armenian female wine professionals have returned home after years abroad in Europe and the

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