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Tag: Tequila

Are Tequila Additives That Big of a Deal?

Is additive use in tequila that big of a deal? Some industry experts seem to think so. Conversation around the

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The Fight Over Additive-Free Tequila Heats Up

The fight for greater transparency around additives in spirits—and tequila in particular—has escalated in recent weeks. At the center of

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Culture: Is It Time to Leave Tequila Alone?

“In my opinion, the tequila world has seen enough blancos, enough repos, enough extra anejos, anejos—it’s been done so many

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How to Make a Tequila Sunrise

Best known for its dramatic, layered appearance that indeed resembles a sunrise, the Tequila Sunrise has an equally dramatic (and

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Just Don’t Call it Tequila: The Global Agave Boom Has Arrived 

While agave has been cultivated and distilled into tequila, mezcal and other spirits in modern-day Mexico for millennia, the plant

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