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These Gorgeous Charcuterie Boards Will Level-Up Your Snack (or ‘Girl Dinner’) Game

These Gorgeous Charcuterie Boards Will Level-Up Your Snack (or ‘Girl Dinner’) Game

Pairing wine and food is an art. It requires finding a balance of textures and flavors, the marriage of which can coax out the best qualities of whatever you’re drinking. But what if you’re not sure what goes with what? A spread of various cheeses, meats and other snacks—aka a charcuterie board—creates the prime conditions for exciting, and unexpected, pairings. 

An elevated charcuterie experience, of course, requires the right charcuterie board. And as the saying goes, you eat with your eyes first so thoughtful attention to plating goes a long way. 

First, think about what you’re planning to serve. A stellar board will include a mixture of sweet, salty, tangy and even spicy options. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Cheese is a crowd-pleaser for good reason—go for a mix goat, cow, sheep and blue cheeses in a range of ages and treatments. When it comes to meats, opt for a selection of forcemeats (think spreadable rillettes, pâtés and terrines). If you plan to serve low-alcohol and high-acid wines, don’t skip the green or black olives. 

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Dips are also a great charcuterie board addition. Spice things up with homemade pimento cheese or muhammarra, a Middle Eastern red pepper and walnut dip. For a play on high-low, an array of cheesy crackers and chips are a playful alternative to the reliable stalwarts of Carr’s and sliced baguettes. Be sure to toss in some nuts and dried fruit (we’re partial to figs) for good measure.  

Given all this nosh, consider a charcuterie board that comes with tiny dishes to keep your spread organized and tidy. 

Next, consider how people will be eating. Will your guests mostly be eating around a table? If so, a Lazy Susan-like board will keep everything within equitable reach. If you’re more of a mix-and-mingle host, then consider something portable, like this acacia-wood board that comes with individual serving trays, which have notches in them to hold wine glasses.  

Hosting is a lot like staging a performance, from thinking about your cast of characters to designing a set through your tablescape. For the more daring and theatrical, an all-in-one decanter and charcuterie board ensures that wine remains in the spotlight and can steal the show with a dramatic pour.  

Below, we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite charcuterie boards for hosts of all stripes. 

All-In-One Acacia Wood Cheese Board and Wine Decanter Serving Set

Twelve-piece set includes 1 cheese board with storage drawer, 1 quartz insert, 1 decanter, 1 spiral aerator, 1 iron decanter stand, 3 ceramic serving bowls, 3 stainless steel cheese knives, 1 corkscrew. Removable quarts insert can be chilled in the fridge before guests arrive to keep cheese and charcuterie cool when serving. Decanter available personalized with initial and name.

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