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Try These Green Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

Try These Green Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day began as a religious feast to honor the patron saint of Ireland. But, as waves of newly arrived Irish immigrants brought the tradition to the United States, starting in the 17th and 18th centuries, the solemn day of commemoration transformed into a secular holiday celebrating all aspects of Irish culture. These days, revelers eat traditional foods, like corned beef and cabbage, while downing pints of Guinness or drams of Irish whiskey in crowded pubs adorned with shamrocks and green decor galore.

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While those notoriously raucous festivities certainly can be fun, it’s not for everyone. And, if you’re planning to observe the holiday at home, there’s no need to stick to the conventional norms. This March 17, we suggest swapping out the green beer for an elevated, Emerald-hued cocktail instead. From a classic Grasshopper or Last Word to newfangled creations, like the Grinch, try shaking up these green drinks for St. Patrick’s Day.

The Best Green Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

Photography by Ali Redmond

Let the shenanigans begin with this stunningly vibrant green cocktail that makes for good drinking well past Christmas. The viral TikTok creation combines Midori for color and notes of melon, vodka for extra punch and pineapple juice for a pop of acid and touch of sweetness. It’s topped with a splash of sparkling wine for fizz and a bright red cherry for some contrasting drama.

Get the Full Recipe Here: The Grinch Cocktail

Tokyo Tea Cocktail
Photography by Ali Redmond

Another TikTok sensation turned St. Patrick’s Day speciality is this neon green cocktail. A cousin to the famous Long Island Ice Tea, the Tokyo Tea calls on classic players—gin, vodka, white rum and tequila—but subs in the Japanese melon-flavored liqueur Midori for triple sec, contributing an emerald hue. A homemade sweet-and-sour syrup cuts through the alcohol, which a touch of club soda lends fizz and freshness. This is a festive, slightly citrusy sip that will have you skipping the green-colored beer.

Get the Full Recipe Here: Tokyo Iced Tea

Cherry being added to a Shamrock Shake
Photography by Tracie Davis

St. Patrick’s Day is arguably the earliest time of year it’s socially acceptable to go all-in on ice cream. That’s why we’re boozing up the classic fast-food favorite with this Shamrock Shake-inspired treat. You’ll get that distinctive green color and minty, vanilla flavor courtesy of vanilla vodka, Irish cream liqueur and green crème de menthe liqueur. Velvety vanilla ice cream brings it all together. You’ll just have to hit the drive-thru for your side of fries.

Get the Full Recipe Here: Boozy Shamrock Shake

Homemade Spicy Margarita with Limes and Jalapenos and Hatch Chiles
Getty Images

Grab your favorite tequila, some freshly-squeezed lime juice and a touch of light agave nectar for a very delicious and classic margarita. A few dashes of green chili bitters takes this Mexican favorite to new spicy levels, while green chili kicks up the lime juice’s greenish tint. Garnish with lime wedges and jalapeño to really drive the flavor (and color) of this pot of gold home.

Get the Full Recipe Here: King’s Spicy Margarita

dark green cocktail with a lemon twist in a clear glass
Photo by Meg Baggott

You’ve probably tried Japanese matcha in your morning latte or in a bowl of ice cream after a sushi dinner, but what about cocktails? Deeply colored green tea powder is the foundation of this earthy flavored drink that’ll make you want to paint the town green. It also features honey syrup and cucumber for fresh, herbaceous and sweet notes, as well as lemon juice for acid, ginger liqueur for spice and vodka for a hearty kick.

Get the Full Recipe Here: The Geisha

Mezcal Last Word Classic Cocktail
Photo by Tom Arena

Traditionally made with gin, this interpretation of the Last Word is made with mezcal, which provides a pleasantly smoky undertone. It’s joined by herb-forward green Chartreuse and fruity and sweet Luxardo Maraschino.

Get the Full Recipe Here: Mezcal Last Word

Basil vodka cocktail
Photo by Meg Baggott

St. Paddy’s Day not only celebrates Irish culture but also helps usher in springtime. This super floral and herbaceous vodka-based drink has a bright tinge of green courtesy of homemade basil syrups and a hit of citrus from lemon juice. It’s finished off with sparkling wine and a dash of soda water for fizz.

Get the Full Recipe Here: Basil Spritz Cocktail

A sotol cocktail
Photo by Jessica Sterner

It may be the day to celebrate the luck of the Irish, but this Mexican-style sip is definitely invited to the party. Sotol, a distilled Mexican spirit made from the desert spoon plant, brings a grassy, subtly floral flavor, while green Chartreuse, cucumber juice, lime juice and mint all contribute a vivid green color. A touch of agave nectar lends sweetness to help balance the drink’s earthy flavors.

Get the Full Recipe Here: Cucumber Cocktail with Sotol

It's a Wonderful Life Cocktail
Photo by Ren Fuller for Chronicle Books

Yes, this may be a Christmas-themed cocktail, but this smooth and creamy concoction will have you saying “kiss me, I’m Irish” in no time. Chilled half-and-half, Irish cream liqueur and crème de menthe come together for a beautifully crafted show-stopper, the perfect way to cap a day of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Get the Full Recipe Here: It’s a Wonderful Life Cocktail

Green Tea Shot
Getty Images

No, the green tea shot doesn’t actually contain any tea. But this refreshing mix of whiskey, peach schnapps, sour mix and lemon-lime soda is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy. Like most shots, it’s meant to be consumed in one gulp.

Get the Full Recipe Here: The Green Tea Shot

Pickle Shots
Pickle Shots / Photo by Caitlin Bensel

This fun and playful drink can be adapted from just about anything in your kitchen. It’s no wonder this shooter has found social media fame. This easy-to-make drink is also a lovely shade of green, making it perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Get the Full Recipe Here: Pickle Shot

Two Grasshopper cocktails
Photography by Ali Redmond

A Grasshopper cocktail is minty, chocolatey and an oh-so-sweet finish to a meal. Although the Grasshopper is often served after dinner as a digestif, it can be enjoyed any time. It’s perfect for mint lovers and those attracted to festive, green cocktails.

Get the Full Recipe Here: Grasshopper Cocktail

Green Chartreuese Last Word Cocktail with Gin, Mint and Lime. Ready to Drink.
Getty Images

Green Chartreuse, the increasingly rare French herbal liqueur, is what gives this pre-Prohibition cocktail its unique complexity. The aromatic yellow-green liqueur lends a bold, herbal flavor profile and spicy, sweet, floral notes to the wholly adult beverage beloved by bartenders across the globe.

Get the Full Recipe Here: The Last Word

Though this candy-colored cocktail was developed for Halloween, its electric green hue makes it a shoo-in for St. Paddy’s Day too. This one gets its grass tones from the addition of green food coloring, which is added to pineapple juice. Feel free to incorporate or admit the spooky gummies as you like.

Get the Full Recipe Here: Toxic Tonic Cocktail

Midori Sour

Many of the early neon drinks borne of the 1980s, famous for their vibrant hues and sweet, fruity flavors, have been staging a comeback. The most popular has been this Jolly Rancher-like concoction. Though the original uses sour mix to get its signature sweet and sour flavor profile, our version elevates the treacly, melon-flavored liqueur with real citrus juices and no additional sugars.

Get the Full Recipe Here: The Midori Sour

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