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Viticoltori Ponte Celebrates 75 Years of Quality Italian Winemaking

Viticoltori Ponte Celebrates 75 Years of Quality Italian Winemaking

For 75 years, Viticoltori Ponte has led the way for quality winemaking in Italy’s Veneto region. With a focus on innovation and respect for the land, the company is known as one of Italy’s most important producers.

After the destruction left by World War II, Ponte’s 12 founding members came together to ignite a new era of viticulture in the Veneto. The project’s reputation for high-quality, expressive wines spread, and more growers joined. Today, Viticoltori Ponte counts 1,000 families as members, and through the collective, farms 7,500 acres of vineyards.

Viticoltori Ponte cultivates vines across a broad landscape, from the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene down to the mouth of the Piave River, with the heart of the operation residing in Ponte di Piave. From the late seventh century until 1797, the entire area was known as ‘La Serenissima’ Republic of Venice. Today, bucolic villages and hamlets dot the serene land (hence the ancient name). This diversity of terroir allows Viticoltori Ponte to create a wide range of wines and styles, but all speak to the winery’s signature freshness and elegance.

The Ponte Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Treviso exemplifies both a sense of place and Viticoltori Ponte’s high standards of winemaking. A classic since it was first introduced, this lively sparkling wine is made from 100 percent Glera grapes. With mousse-y bubbles and aromas and flavors of white flowers, crisp apple, and ripe pear, it is a versatile wine that can be served as an aperitif or paired with a range of dishes, such as shrimp scampi.

In 2007, the company, already at the forefront of the Prosecco Rosé trend, sought to elevate the pink sparkling wine and imbue it with a richness and complexity that was uncommon at the time. They created a cuvée with 15 percent Pinot Noir and 85 percent Glera. The addition of the Pinot Noir added an aromatic intensity and flavors of red berries to the beautifully textured Ponte Prosecco DOC Rosé.

When it comes to still wines, the Giò range also shows the modern edge Viticoltori Ponte is known for. Versatile and easy-drinking, the Giò wines appeal to a range of palates and the Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie is a perfect example. Once they arrive at the winery, grapes are carefully selected for quality. After a gentle pressing, the juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks to preserve the fresh fruit character. Notes of pear and other orchard fruits, along with bright acidity make this Pinot Grigio ideal for any occasion, whether as a pre-dinner aperitif or paired with grilled fish dishes.

Never content to rest on its laurels, Viticoltori Ponte continues to seek out ways to innovate both its winemaking and the industry as a whole. Given the large number of acres farmed, the company wants to be the leader in sustainable agriculture. All wines are certified sustainable, and a large number of vineyards are in conversion to organic.

Viticoltori Ponte is also looking at ways to increase biodiversity within the vineyards and surrounding areas. Taking a holistic view of the ecosystem, from the plants to the natural inhabitants such as insects and animals, the company continues to research methods that maintain this delicate natural balance in the land.

Every year a larger percentage of electricity is generated from renewable energy sources and the winery continues to invest in new infrastructures to harness power from the sun.

Most importantly, being able to implement these changes with so many members shows how working collectively can have a positive impact. On its 75th anniversary, Viticoltori Ponte wants to lead by example and show how good communication and a clear vision can lead to widespread change.

Our wines are proudly imported into the U.S. by Bottle Diplomacy, based out of Gaithersburg, Maryland. To learn more about Viticoltori Ponte, its history, and its range of wines, click here.

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