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12 Best Beer Gifts | Wine Enthusiast

12 Best Beer Gifts | Wine Enthusiast

If you’ve got some beer enthusiasts on your gift list this year, we’ve got a host of options for you to choose from—everything from glasses to home brew kits to books.  

The best part? All these recommendations come from brewers, bar managers, cicerones (that’s the beer version of a sommelier) and other beer pros.  

Check out these 12 thoughtful beer-related presents below.  

1. Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit Glasses 

This German-made glassware is designed to enhance a specific beer style for the perfect sip. The four-pack includes glasses made for an IPA, American wheat, stout and barrel-aged beer.

“Glassware is crucial when wanting to get the most out of your beer, and Spiegelau has something for everyone,” says Anne Becarra, a New York City-based cicerone, beer director, educator and writer.

Erin Bergstrom, general manager at Sternewirth Tavern at Hotel Emma, agrees. “Each shape enhances the quality of the beer being served,” she adds. “Plus, they’re dishwasher safe.” 


2. Brooklyn Brew Shop x TALEA Beer Co. Beer Making Kit  

Two Brooklyn-based beer powerhouses have teamed up for this awesome homebrew kit. NYC’s first female-founded brewery, TALEA Beer Co., brings their tart Peach Berry Punch sour beer to your gift recipient’s house, thanks to their collaboration with Brooklyn Brew Shop. The kit comes with everything one needs (equipment, ingredients and clear instructions) to brew the fruit-forward, sour beer.

“Brooklyn Brew Shop’s kits are designed for use on a standard kitchen stove,” says Tara Hankinson, co-founder of TALEA Beer Co., “The kit is reusable and includes the brewing equipment and ingredients for a one-gallon, all-grain batch of beer.” 



3. Beer Glass Rinser

“For someone who is moderately handy around the house, a great feature to add to a wet bar or kitchen sink is a glass rinser,” says Nick Weiland, the senior brand manager at Shiner Beers in Shiner, Texas. “It’s great for ensuring beer glasses are dust-free, residue-free and you get a perfect pour of beer. It can also double as a cleaning tool for tall or narrow bottles and glasses that the bottoms are hard to reach.” 



4. Westmark Germany Hermetus Steel 3-in-1 Resealable Beer Bottle Opener

Any beer drinker needs a good, durable bottle opener. But this one goes even further, as it can be used as both a bottle opener and an air-tight seal.

“This pop-top opener can also be used to seal bottles, which is great for unfinished bombers,” says Bergstrom.


5. Pryce Champagne/Ice Bucket

Half of the fun of great beer is sharing it, so I love giving gifts that center around entertaining,” shares Becarra. As with a lot of things we eat and drink, presentation is key, and a beautiful clear ice bucket is a fabulous way to showcase your favorite bottles. Great beer belongs on the dining table and something like this allows you to display the bottle while keeping it chilled, so there’s no rush to enjoy it. 

Crate & Barrel

6. Wine Enthusiast Compressor Beverage Center

Weiland recommends this freestanding refrigerator, which can be used just for beers.

“Beer lovers want to have a lot of different styles chilled and ready to drink,” he says. “A dedicated beer fridge frees up room in the kitchen refrigerator, lets them keep their beers handy at their home bar and gives them a place to cellar those barrel-aged beers and stouts that’s temperature controlled.”

This model has adjustable shelves and a storage bin that also lets them select the exact temperature they prefer for their beer. 

Wine Enthusiast

7. Yeti Rambler 16 oz Colster Tall Can Cooler 

Every beer lover should have a hardcore can cooler to keep their beer frigid at all times.

“When you’re not drinking out of fancy glasses, I highly recommend one of these can coolers,” says Hankinson. “The 16-ounce can size is perfect for craft beer, and they are incredibly durable, whether being tossed in a beach bag, luggage, or the back of your car.” 


8. XTRATUF Legacy Can Coozies 

If you’re looking for a more tongue-in-cheek (yet still useful) stocking stuffer, Darren Provenzano and Ny Lee, owners of Fracture Brewing in Portland, Oregon, suggest these can coozies.

“Anyone who works on the production side in the brewery industry probably wears XTRATUF boots to work every day,” says Provenzano. “These XTRATUF coozies are fun!” 


9. Estelle Colored Glass Pastel Stemless Set  

While these are technically stemless wineglasses, Hankinson from TALEA Beer Co. says they’re also perfect for certain beers. “These playful, colorful glasses are perfect for everything from easy-drinking lagers to aromatic sours because the classic Bordeaux glass shape concentrates aromatics. Plus, the company is female/BIPOC founded. 


10. Willi Becher Beer Glass

If you’re looking for a classic, do-it-all beer glass to give, Weiland suggests these.

“The Willi Becher is a go-to glass that works for almost any beer style,” he says. “It has all the important features you’d look for—a tapered shape to help deliver the beer’s aroma, nucleation on the bottom for better head retention and carbonation, and a sleek, simple design that feels right at home in any setting.”


11. The Beer Bible: Second Edition (Workman Publishing Company, 2021), by Jeff Allworth  

There are plenty of great books out there that are ideal for novice drinkers to serious beer buffs.

Provenzano and Lee are fans of this tome.  As it’s a “great coffee table book for those interested in learning a bit more of styles and origins,” says Provenzano. The book covers everything from the history of beer, its many styles, brewing techniques and more.  


12. The Craft Brewery Cookbook: Recipes To Pair With Your Favorite Beers (Princeton Architectural Press, 2022), by John Holl

One of my favorite things about beer is discovering how to pair it with food,” says Kristen Richard, digital editor at Wine Enthusiast. “What I love about this book is it not only offers pairing tips from beer experts around the country, but it gets me to try new beer styles and dishes I probably wouldn’t have found on my own. Not to mention, dishes like air-fried chicken wings with honey barbecue sauce or kale Caesar salad with miso and shrimp are fairly easy to whip up. Paired with the right beer, you have a memorable dinner even on your most busy weeknights.”  


Published on November 9, 2022

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