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6 Cannabis Infused Beverages to Try

6 Cannabis Infused Beverages to Try

I was born and raised in San Francisco, spent all four of my college years at UC Santa Cruz—and I’ve never smoked a joint.

I’m basically a cannabis virgin. It’s simply never appealed. Then again, neither did wine the first time I tried it—a big bold Barolo from the heart of Italy was not to my 19-year-old syrupy margarita-sipping palate.

Somewhat similarly, my sole experience with cannabis—as an adult—did not go well.

A small bite from a questionable rice crispy treat led me on a long walk. A walk that incorporated a wavy sunset (in mid-day), deep and interesting thoughts and a shark sighting (in a man-made reservoir).

Long walk. Almost didn’t come back. (I did, in fact, eventually find my way home. Thank you, San Mateo taxi.)

Obviously, my wine story has a happy ending. I found wines more pleasing to my palate. I’ve learned to love and appreciate wines for their regional source and unique flavor and textural profiles. I’ve completed the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma program. I research, write, teach and taste wine professionally—everything from simple Sauv Blancs to those big, bad Barolos.

My cannabis story, however, is still in its intro chapter. Today, the weed world is expanding and there are increasingly more options for herb-infused beverages. Curious, I approach weed-bev tasting from a wine tasting perspective. Let’s take a walk…

Canncurious cartoon image of Stacy walking
Illustration by Matt Jones


Sparkling Rosier (rosé to the rest of us), 5 mg THC / 5 mg CBD

Nothing is more intimately inviting than a solo sipper. The single-serve can’s low-dose of 5mg THC and non-psychoactive CBD was—for me—the perfect portion to try: enough to feel a calming effect but still feel lucid.

Sunrise peachy-pink in the glass with the scent of morning dewy grass and lawn daisies being warmed by the early sun. Fruits match the scene—grapefruit, pink lemonade and lime zest with a floral aroma of just-budding cherry blossoms creating an aura around it all. Sip it in the morning or as an afternoon delight. Sip it in the evening with some island-inspired food and take yourself on vacation. Take it to bed and sleep like the dead (grateful). Awake feeling refreshed.

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Sessions (three to choose from)

Cloudberry, 2 mg THC / 2 mg

CBD Hoppy Balance, 5 mg THC / 5 mg

CBD Hoppy Chill, 10 mg THC / less than 2 mg CBD

Cloudberry: The nose of this one is as subtle as a cirrus cloud. Light, striations of aromas…

Striations that speak of everyone’s favorite Starburst—the pink one, of course—pink lemonade, candied strawberry, cherry bomb ChapStick. And it totally French-kissed a just-ripe banana. Palate is dry, bubbly, watery. Fruit flavors dance in the background. Lingering finish leaves a back-breath of herbs. (Weed.)

Does the higher THC content also mean more concentration of flavors? *Insert shruggy emoji here.* But that’s what you get with each level up. Bye-bye kiddie candy and hello fruit cocktail of grapefruit, pineapple, passionfruit, guava (and there’s banana again making his move…). The herbal (again, weed) aromas fade further into oblivion. Into outer space. All the way out.

What’s your vibe? 2, 5, 10 mgs? Doesn’t matter. The good people at Lagunitas have a gadget that lets you re-seal so you can consume a bit at a time if you want to go micro.

P.S. If anyone ever asks: 0 calories is totally the right amount of calories. Especially if you pair it with a pizza. And there’s something about that fruity-hoppy-weedy quality that pairs really well with pizza. (Maybe even better than my go-to goses?)

House of Saka “White”

40 mg THC / 5 mg CBD per bottle 8 mg THC / 1 mg CBD per serving

Cloudy with a chance of awesome in the glass. Sour, citrus, acidic even in aromas with lemon, white grapefruit, underripe white peach, nectarine and pineapple. This fruit orchard must be planted amongst some dried grass, maybe hay. And herbs.

High acid and citrus fruit are complemented by a rounded mouthfeel, notes of vanilla and grassy baking spices like cardamom and coriander. Let it linger with a swish of the tongue — orange blossoms enter the mix.

Lingering finish incorporates all these notes. It’s just like a real wine.

Serving suggestion: Chilled! Another serving suggestion: Serve over ice and with some sparkling water, maybe a few fruit slices, for a fun cocktail-like experience.

Perfect Pairing: Hawaiian pizza (I really like pizza).

House of Saka “Pink”

40 mg THC / 5 mg CBD per bottle 8 mg THC / 1 mg CBD per serving

There’s a reason it’s called Pink and not rosé. This weed-wine is pink—like super pink—with aromas and flavors to match: candied strawberry, raspberry, perfectly ripe watermelon, rose petals, guava, papaya, pink grapefruit and passionfruit. Just super-duper refreshing and fun. And also pink.

P.S. Another props to packaging. The 750 mL bottles come with a screwcap that reveals a cork—for those who are, like, so hardcore they need the uncorking experience—but you can still enjoy the benefits of re-sealing.

This article originally appeared in the October 2022 issue of Wine Enthusiast magazine. Click here to subscribe today!

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