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Culture: South African Winemakers Share Glimmers of Hope Amid the Likely Smallest Harvest in Over a Decade

“My father used to say, ‘The vineyard doesn’t forget easily,’” recalls Jeanette Bruwer, a fifth-generation custodian at Springfield Estate in

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These South African Black Winemakers Are Reclaiming Stolen Legacies

Paul Siguqa stood at the podium, looking out at the sea of people waiting to hear him speak. There was

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In South Africa, Winemakers Are Slowly Reversing a History of Inequity

The sky lit up with pastel shades of orange, pink and lavender. Fluffy clouds danced across the horizon. The rugged

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Remembering d’Arry Osborn, a South Australian Wine Legend

Third-generation South Australian winemaker Francis d’Arenberg Osborn—widely known as d’Arry—passed away on December 16th at the age of 95. Credited

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4 Countries Where South American Sparkling Wine Shines

In South America, bubbles are bursting with grace. Winemakers are creating an array of styles through Charmat and traditional methods

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In Southernmost South America, Cool-Climate White Wines Reach New Heights

The southernmost regions of Chile and Argentina have low temperatures, heavy rainfall, strong winds and frost. And yet, in these

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