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The Bubbly That Should Be on Your Radar

The Bubbly That Should Be on Your Radar

The holidays are the perfect time of year to celebrate with a glass of sparkling wine. While all Champagne is sparkling wine, not all sparkling wine is champagne. While we love Champagne here at Wine Enthusiast, there’s nothing wrong with switching it up a bit.

Tawnya Falkner, founder and proprietor of Le Grand Courtâge, a women-owned and operated French sparkling wine brand, wants you to do just that.

The brand seems to be catching everyone’s attention. So, this week assistant editor Jacy Topps sat down with the founder Tawnya Faulkner. They explore sparkling wine’s popularity during the holiday season, its versatility with cocktails and why it can be an any occasion drink.

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Published on December 14, 2022

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